Why Is Window Cleaning Important?

Choosing the right windows can add value and style to your home but keeping windows clean can give you even more than just beautiful aesthetics.

Window Cleaning is a Part of Window Maintenance

Keeping the window sliding tracks debris-free and the hinges free of grime and dirt can help you make sure the windows are working correctly. Over time, this will also prevent window damage and you will have a fully functioning window system that is less likely to break down.

Window Cleaning Helps Protect Indoor Air Quality

The most common grime on windows is water spots and fingerprints but your windows can also be prone to a smoke film building from cooking, smoking, using the fireplace in the home, and burning candles. This buildup could also be affecting your health. A cleaner window can help the air in the home stay fresh and also prevent mold growth. A clean window screen can help keep the air flowing in cleaner too.

Window Cleaning Assists in  Allergen Reduction

All the debris and dirt you see on your windowsill is just a fraction of the allergens you have in your home. Dander, pollen, hair, and dust are gathering on the windowsill and outside the home and can make your family sick. You can greatly reduce the impact of the allergens by having windows cleaned.

Window Cleaning Helps With Spider Control

Spiders are inhabitants of windows due to the privacy and the ready meals they are able to capture when files and insects climb on the window screens. The spiders create webs in the corners and underneath the windowsills. The webs are not only unsightly but can also be a potential biting hazard when spiders are disturbed. You can keep spiders from building nests and prevent any potential bites by having windows cleaned on a regular basis.

Window Cleaning and Mold Prevention

Mold likes a dark, warm place and the condensation on the windows is the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Mold may be undetectable in the windows since it thrives between the casing on the inner part of the window and the glass. You may notice if there is mold by seeing dark brown or black stains on the windows. Mold can cause respiratory infections and make allergies worse. Using a window cleaning service can help you get rid of the mold and professionals will show you how to keep windows dry to prevent any re-infestation.

Window Cleaning Improves Window Aesthetics

How clean a window is will determine how much light can filter into the room. If the window glass isn’t clean then less light is able to come into the room and the home appears dingy and dark. Keeping windows free of dirt particles, oxidation, hard water, and smoke film buildup helps make sure that you can let the most amount of light into the home. The natural light that comes in can impact your mood, as well as your productivity. It also makes rooms appear more inviting and spacious. The appearance of bigger and more open spaces will leave you and your guests feeling inspired and relaxed. If you are selling your home then clean windows can help increase your home’s value.

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