Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning from initial builders cleans to sparkle cleans, tailored specifically to the construction industry.

We work with a number of construction companies and leading developers providing post construction cleaning to refurbished hotels, car dealerships, leisure centres, spas, shopping centres, retail shops, business, industrial parks and domestic after builders clean.

Construction Cleaning Survey

Star Clean Oxford Ltd will survey the extent of any works, working with the client’s ‘Schedule of Works’ or make recommendations and provide a bespoke schedule. Based upon this information we will then provide a fixed priced clearly indicating the extent and limitations of works with no hidden extras or exclusions. Any additional items of cleaning not identified or agreed at the time of the survey will be priced individually again on a fixed price basis.

Why do I need post construction cleaning?

Once you’ve finished constructing a property, it’s your job to make sure it looks great for the grand opening. This doesn’t just mean getting all of your equipment and rubbish off the property, this means making sure the carpets are vacuumed, surfaces are dust-free, windows are cleaned and caulked, walls power washed, paint properly applied, and much more. There’s a lot that needs to be taken care of, and your construction experts don’t always double as the best builders cleaning contract experts. By relying on Compass Clean Oxford to get the cleaning done, you can be sure we won’t miss anything.

Documentation, Procedure & Training

How long does a post-construction clean-up take?

Of course, the answer to this question will always depend on the size and scope of the job at hand, but our builders cleaning teams are trained to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that the contractor will likely be making last-minute modifications, so our job is to get in and out as quickly as possible without inconveniencing anyone. For most jobs, we’re in and out in a couple of hours.

How much does post construction clean-up cost?

Ah, there’s the million-pound question, but not literally though! Like the question before this, the cost of the job will always depend on the size and scope of the task at hand. Because we work as quickly and efficiently as possible, however, we can assure you that you won’t have to break the bank. And when you consider the fact that your crew can get off the job site and onto the next job sooner, there’s a clear opportunity cost at hand. If you really want to know exactly how much a certain job will cost, all you have to do is request a free quote.

Phase one:


Initial/Rough Clean

Construction debris and trash will be placed in a designated waste receptacle

Labels and stickers, not required to remain, will be removed from new fixtures and appliances

Appliance labels and manuals will be gathered and placed in a designated location

The floor will be broom swept or vacuumed to make ready for more work

Phase Two:

Main/Final Clean

Ceiling fans, floor and ceiling vents and return covers will be cleaned

Sawdust and drywall dust will be removed from walls and ceilings

Fixtures including sconce-type will be cleaned inside and out

Interior of cabinets and drawers will be vacuumed to remove dust in corners

Woodwork including doors, frames, trim, cabinets, drawers, closet shelves, bookshelves, handrails and mouldings will be wiped down

Horizontal surfaces including countertops will be wiped clean

Mirrors, porcelain surfaces and chrome fixtures will be cleaned and polished

Appliance labels and manuals will be gathered and placed in designated location

Window tracks will be vacuumed to remove construction dust

Baseboards, ledges, electrical outlet cover and light switches will be cleaned

Kitchen sink, countertops, and exterior of appliances will be cleaned

Hard floors will be vacuumed, dust mopped or swept

Hard floors will be wet mopped

Carpeted areas including edges will be vacuumed using detail attachment

Phase Three:


All areas will be lightly touched-up and dusted to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance

The kitchen will be touched up to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance

Floors will be vacuumed as needed to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance.

For more information about how Compass Clean Maintenance can help with your construction clean-up needs, give us a call 01865587875 or Contact us for a tailored quotation