Exterior Cladding Cleaning

Whilst pressure washing is usually the ‘go-to’ form of exterior cleaning services for most exterior building jobs, there are alternatives that should be considered, especially when it comes to cladding cleaning and washing.

There are many different types of cladding used when building a property and not all of them can be cleaned using traditional pressure washing methods.

Aluminium and concrete cladding need to be treated in different ways and pressure washing can sometimes cause irreparable damage, leading to spending that could have been avoided.

We often regard cladding as the biggest impact piece of cleaning that we carry out. Whether you occupy a small retail unit or you own a large factory – it’s likely that the outside of it is partially or fully covered in the cladding. Cladding comes in many forms. The skill comes with knowing what type of cladding we’re dealing with and treating it with the appropriate cleaning method to ensure that the best finish is acquired yet the surface is not compromised.

Often pressure washing is required – but not always. Where appropriate we use industry leading pressure washing equipment to apply cold, hot or super-heated water to the cladding to remove soiling, debris and algae growth which can be done at high or low pressure.